Our partner RootNote recently interviewed our CEO to discuss examples of some of the early deals we’ve done with artists and successes of the company. Here is one example of an artist The Music Fund helped significantly:

“We had a very prolific hip-hop artist who’s been releasing at least one song a week in 2020. He initially sold us 20% of his back-catalog royalties and used the money to make YouTube videos to promote his music. His Spotify followers grew over 50% since the first deal. Later he told us because he’s constantly releasing new music, he has not seen his monthly income drop at all even after selling us 20%. More importantly, the upfront money he got allowed him to focus on making more music and marketing it. For us, the music videos he made had a spill-over effect on his older catalog - a win-win case. He ended up doing a follow-on deal with us.”

Read the full interview with our CEO by RootNote here.