Our partner RootNote recently interviewed our CEO, John Funge, to help artists and their managers learn the value of The Music Fund’s offerings compared to other musician funding options out there.

When weighing your options, make sure you always ask this question, “What happens if I don’t recoup within the payback period?” All other companies will tell you, “Don’t worry, we will extend the payback period till it’s fully recouped.” The Music Fund will say, “Don’t worry, we will take the loss.” 

To explain further, most artist financing offers involve musicians taking on debt. Meaning the artist must pay back every penny borrowed, plus additional fees or interest, no matter how accurate the company’s prediction ends up being. To quote John:

“We stand behind our predictions because the artist owes us nothing if we are wrong and don’t fully recoup the amount we give out. It’s important that artists and managers understand we are taking on risk by doing that. In return for retiring some of the uncertainty around future earnings, we take our agreed upon share of the upside if the artist’s music ends up doing well.”

In a nutshell, the artist can offload uncertainties of their future earnings to TMF. The artist gets the guaranteed money now, and doesn't have to pay anything back. That’s on us… not the artist. No fees to get the offer, no debt to worry about.

Read the full interview with our CEO by RootNote here.